Wednesday, December 4, 2013

So its been a while I have updated the blog. I decided today was the time to do so. I resumed playing LOTRO a week ago. Decided to go ahead with the warden I was working on the last time. I couldn't locate the same due to so many servers, so I made a new on. This one is name DeathPickle on Elendilmir server, and as usual it is a human Warden. If you are still unaware of the game you definitely need to go to Google and search for Lotro, its Lord of the rings online (Link). Wardens are by far the most fascinating class I have ever play, in all the MMO's that I have played since more than 7ish odd years.

I also subscribed to the VIP service for 3 months as it didn't sound to be a bad deal. I am as of today a level 27 Warden, trying to be a tank, haven't had much luck with it as people don't seem to party up in lotro now.

Something new happened today in the game, just saw and heard a guild named EMS (Eraidor Music Society) music kinship. They had a concert going on in 12/4/2013 and was I was glad enough to be able to attend it.

That's all for today.
Signing off.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Experimental Polearm Warrior DPS Build.

One can always build the class as he wants to, though the generic roles in which the classes are planned to develop will flourish more but that does not mean that a different class build will be useless. It might be a bit under powered or if lucky can also become over powered. I have seen a lot of games in which people do build tanks with dps point of view with the primary objective being that the high defense, the high hp and high block will be a bonus for dpsers. The hybrids I call them are always going to be there in all mmorpgs, sometimes they flourish , other times they fail, but I don't think that we cannot build a zerker with keeping in mind dps. Also A lot of people have been wondering about a reflect tank (general), obviously he like the hybrids may be awesome or may fail. But I really think that is is not impossible or a crime to build them like hybrids.

This is a build I think will be quite good. Given that you get quite high str you can also try to improve the vengeance passive skill which makes your attack boost each time you block something.

[Tier 1]

Level: 1/10 Bash (Active Skill)
Increases Attack by 38 points. Deals Physical Damage on target and you will increase your Defense by 5%. Lasts 3 seconds.
No need for bash as it is a def based tank skill.

Level: 10/10 Furious Strike (Active Skill)
Increases Attack by 1370 points. After you deal Physical Damage on a target, you will increase your Running Speed by 9% and damage dealt by 5.5%. Lasts 8.5 seconds.
It is a quite useful dps skill that increases your movement speed and your damage dealt.

Level: 5/5 Dueling (Passive Skill)
Increases Physical Critical Hit and Magic Critical Hit Value by 17 points and Attack by 72 points.
Crit is always welcomed by dpsers.

[Tier 3]

Level: 1/5 Oppressive Spirit (Transformation Skill)
Increases Attack and Defense 20% when you shape shift. In addition, rebounds 50% of the damage you suffer.
No need, although it is helpful but you can invest the 4 points in some other better skill.

Level: 9/10 Quake Strike (Active Skill)
Increases Attack by 274 points. Deals Physical Damage on all targets within 10 meters of the appointed area. Causes 411 points damage each second. Lasts 11 seconds. The effect can be accumulated 2 times at most.
A quite powerful AoE DoT.

Level: 5/5 Offensive Command (Active Skill)
Increases all teammates' Attack and Hit by 9%.
More attack will be always useful for dpsers.

[Tier 4]

Level: 1/10 Cross Burst (Active Skill)
Increases Attack by 122 points. Deals Physical Damage on all targets within 10 meters of the cross range and makes lots of Aggression.
Aggro developing skill so not needed for a dpser.

Level: 3/3 Sparring Practice (Passive Skill)
Increases the damage dealt by Physical Critical Hit and Magic Critical Hit by 15%.
Crit is always welcomed by dpsers.

[Tier 5]

Level: 9/10 Stampede (Active Skill)
Increases Attack by 548 points. Deals Physical Damage on all targets within  10 meters of you. 63% chance of stunning the targets. Lasts 2.8 seconds
Its a nice skill to add into your AoE Arsenal. Along with the passive to improve it it should be pretty nice.

Level: 5/5 Dueling Specialty (Passive Skill)
(Advanced) Increases Physical Critical Hit and Magic Critical Hit Value by 35 points and Attack by 189 points.
Crit is always welcomed by dpsers.

[Tier 6]

Level: 3/3 Polearm Mastery (Passive Skill)
Increases Attack by 9% when equipping a Polearm.
More attack is always useful for dpsers.

[Tier 7]

Level: 4/5 Dueling Mastery (Passive Skill)
(Expertise) Increases Physical Critical Hit and Magic Critical Hit Value by 50 points and Attack by 301 points.
Crit is always welcomed by dpsers. Can even think about maxing it later on.

[Tier 8]
Level: 1/1 Refined: Stampede (Passive Skill)
Reduces cool down time of Stampede by 40%.
A passive that will improve your 1 of the 2 AoEs.

[Tier 10]

Level: 2/5 Polearm Control (Passive Skill)
Increases Critical Hit Damage and Magic Critical Hit Damage by 6% when equipping a Polearm.
More crit is useful.  Can consider maxing it.

Total Skill Points Used: 59/59
Advanced Skill Points Used: 3/10
Total Cost: 49 Gold, 21 Silver, 86 Copper

I have not increased Vengeance as I don't know if you will like the blocking aspect of it. So you have a lot of 2nd job points free.
Healing of Shamans broken down to basics.

Healing is not bugged tbh. I am a level 35 shaman now and I find that healing is quite easy, the only thing is that it is not told to players how to use it in first place.

Some of my analysis:

1. Healing Wave : This skill is a 12 m heal. The 12 m range is around the area you right click after the skill is in your right click slot. As in



P   P

If this is the formation, the healer should first take the Healing Wave to his right click and then click in the area near the Party members( P P )


P   P  (here)

The right clicking will be more self explanatory once you use it yourself.

They should basically change the description to "Heals xxx in 12m from the place you click". If you are standing in at a spot and spam the Healing Wave (w/o using right click, just hitting the hotkey 2 times) You will be the center of the 12m heal. So,

                      (heals)  H  (heals)

P   P

I think this is what most people are doing.

Also if you have some target selected and you click on heal by using the hotkeys and not by right clicking, you will most probably run to that selected monster/player and then cast heal. Right clicking is the best way to do it imo. The range is ridiculously large. You can actually stand almost 20m away and heal your party members if you know where to right click properly.

2. Healing Winds : Not tried it sorry. I don't find it appealing as healing wave has decent range and a nice effect of actually choosing the area where you want your heals to be casted. A lot of players might also find this skill useful, its honestly, a personal choice. I am going to invest the 5 skill points somewhere else as the healing of this skill is less than half of that of healing wind at max level. (I am not considering the sage passive that improves the skill's healing ability and reduces its cooldown)

3. Ice Totem : I think no one has any questions about totems are they are in no way bugged or seem to be bugged.

Hope this helped fellow shamans.
Note: At 34 I was healing 800-1k with Healing Wave and 174-190 with my level 1 Ice totem. I was willy geared in healer equips, i.e. Spr based gears.
How to take on HoD last boss easily.
The last boss has a aoe that is sure to 1 hit kill whoever it hits. The tact is to recognize the animation before he casts the skill and move aside and then resume fighting him. He is quite easy to take on with a shaman and a tank/dps or a dps/dps party. I have been able to kill him quite easily once the strategy was formed.


Scene 1. Before the boss raises his hand and a lightning aura surrounds him.

H (he can stand on that web bridge while tank takes on the boss)

Scene 2. When the boss raises his hands and starts to cast the killer aoe.  Given that the boss is facing the tank when he started to cast his aoe. This is what should happen in the party formation.

                T---B---> (casting aoe looking here)

So basically never face him face to face (in the direction where is is casting) while is is casting his insane aoe.  This way I was quite easily able to finish the dungen once in a Shaman(me),Sin,Sorc party and other time in a Shaman(me),Sin,Sin party.

Credits to Krix to figure out this formation.
Note: I was 32 when we were taking on him. All the party was 32-32-32 for first case and 34-33-35 for second case.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Found this link to a blog which has prepared monster achievement database!

Hope you people find it useful!

Yesterday after a long thought process I finalized that I will be playing a Full Support Shaman. A class yet under powered and not used to their full potential. I decided my build and other things.

A lot of awesome things happened today! I met MIDGIE! My old friend from Allods Online! She was earlier playing HBO, but as it is going to close soon enough she came to try STO! and she was thrilled by the cuteness of the game xD!

That was some awesome time we spent killing things and catching pets o3o.

Finally the day came to an end. I was more than usual tired due to a certain tension I have. !~

Tuesday, May 8, 2012