Wednesday, December 4, 2013

So its been a while I have updated the blog. I decided today was the time to do so. I resumed playing LOTRO a week ago. Decided to go ahead with the warden I was working on the last time. I couldn't locate the same due to so many servers, so I made a new on. This one is name DeathPickle on Elendilmir server, and as usual it is a human Warden. If you are still unaware of the game you definitely need to go to Google and search for Lotro, its Lord of the rings online (Link). Wardens are by far the most fascinating class I have ever play, in all the MMO's that I have played since more than 7ish odd years.

I also subscribed to the VIP service for 3 months as it didn't sound to be a bad deal. I am as of today a level 27 Warden, trying to be a tank, haven't had much luck with it as people don't seem to party up in lotro now.

Something new happened today in the game, just saw and heard a guild named EMS (Eraidor Music Society) music kinship. They had a concert going on in 12/4/2013 and was I was glad enough to be able to attend it.

That's all for today.
Signing off.

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