Friday, May 18, 2012

How to take on HoD last boss easily.
The last boss has a aoe that is sure to 1 hit kill whoever it hits. The tact is to recognize the animation before he casts the skill and move aside and then resume fighting him. He is quite easy to take on with a shaman and a tank/dps or a dps/dps party. I have been able to kill him quite easily once the strategy was formed.


Scene 1. Before the boss raises his hand and a lightning aura surrounds him.

H (he can stand on that web bridge while tank takes on the boss)

Scene 2. When the boss raises his hands and starts to cast the killer aoe.  Given that the boss is facing the tank when he started to cast his aoe. This is what should happen in the party formation.

                T---B---> (casting aoe looking here)

So basically never face him face to face (in the direction where is is casting) while is is casting his insane aoe.  This way I was quite easily able to finish the dungen once in a Shaman(me),Sin,Sorc party and other time in a Shaman(me),Sin,Sin party.

Credits to Krix to figure out this formation.
Note: I was 32 when we were taking on him. All the party was 32-32-32 for first case and 34-33-35 for second case.

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